Mission Statement

‘To enrich lives and transform communities through learning and employment’


Burleigh’s values are to

  • Recognise and celebrate the diversity of our staff, stakeholders and learners and all those with whom we come in to contact

  • Contribute to the creation and maintenance of an inclusive, cohesive and fair society through delivery of training and employment programmes

  • Have a positive impact on our local community through our work

  • Maintain a safe, secure and supportive learning environment to enable all to progress and achieve their full potential and achieve employment and learning goals

  • Ensure that all are protected from abuse and/or undue influence

  • Respect the beliefs and cultures of all and to deal with all learners with respect and sensitivity to their own individual circumstances

  • Act in cases with fairness, honesty and integrity and provide role models for our learners

  • Invest in our staff for their own benefit and the benefit of our learners

  • Contribute to sustainability of the environment through our delivery