Aviation Routeway

Aviation Routeway funded through the European Social Fund

This programme is designed to prepare unemployed learners for work in the aviation sector at Heathrow and other London Airports.  It delivers a range of accredited and unaccredited training interventions and may include but is not limited to

  1. In depth initial and ongoing Information Advice and Guidance 

  2. Induction and Preparation

  3. Introduction to working at the Airport

  4. Applying for work at the Airport and Interview Preparation

  5. Prevent

  6. British values

  7. Equality and Diversity

  8. Safeguarding

  9. Health and Safety

  10. Team working

  11. Knowledge for GSAT testing

  12. Requirements for obtaining an Airside Pass and 1-1 support

  13. Unit(s) from Customer Service Level 2

  14. Aviation jobsearch and support

  15. Cargo operative


On average, you will be expected to spend 60 hours training and gaining support to help you into work at one of London’s Airports



Right to Live and Work in the UK

You must have the right to live and work in the UK



You must live in a London borough




You must be aged 18 or over


Prior Educational Achievement

No prior level of qualification achievement is a bar to participating in the Programme




You must be unemployed or economically inactive at the time you join the programme. 


Checkable History


For most roles you will need references (which we will obtain for you against the details you supply) and (dependant upon the role)


  1. will need an evidenced 5 year checkable history for security reasons, or

  2. will need to show that you have been resident in the UK for the last 3 years


Our expert and experienced staff will help you through this process