Learner Voice

‘I am very grateful for the help that everyone at Burleigh College gave me. Dennis for being a great teacher.  Devyana and Ruby in the office who supported me whilst I was on the programme and in getting a job.  David Brook for having trust in me.  And Kunal for helping me to find work at the airport.  Without them I would not have found work which I enjoy’

‘David Brook trusted me, spent time with me, never gave up on me and because of his support I now have work which I love working in ……’

‘Devyana, Syleisha and Kunal are fun, dynamic, generous and exciting people that make you want to learn, achieve in life.  They can help with all sorts of problems like money and housing.  They helped me choose the right goal and made sure that I was supported in achieving it.  Without their help I would not be where I am today.’

‘The College has been amazingly supportive through the difficulties I have encountered whist being unemployed.  All the staff have been exceptional and I appreciate all the time everyone has spent with me, not only actively helping improve my career prospects but adding to my confidence, I am now pursing my ideal career thanks to them.  A huge Thanks to Zuzana, David, Devyna, Syleisha and Kunal’.

‘Basically G was a very welcoming person.  She was very friendly and took a real interest in helping me to achieve a job.  Devyana is also very helpful and friendly and I have her to thank for introducing me to Westfield, helping me get training to succeed at interview and impress at interview.  Without the help of Burleigh College, Gurbet and Devyana I would not be in the position I am now’.

‘He has started the Traineeship and is very happy as he is now very confident within himself, as he achieved his first goal of using the Tube and finding the place - and now he has started his placement which is in London with Hilton Hotels and the employer feedback was that they were happy with him and also similar feedback from the Provider on how punctual and attentive he is.  

He has two more weeks left and hopefully will move into full-time and sustainable employment. He seemed so happy when he came to see me and couldn’t believe he could actually be in long-term employment soon and now need not worry about going into Work Programme’ JCP

One of our learners at the Big Hospitality Event attended by senior managers from DWP and the Hospitality sector