We deliver traineeships to young people aged 19-24 under a direct contract from the ESFA.  Our traineeship model involves employers at an early stage, so that your traineeship will be focused on gaining work in one of a range of available opportunities.   We will identify with you at the start of your traineeship an available work placement opportunity with a supportive employer.  Currently, work placements last for 70 hours.  Employers are currently able to claim a financial payment from the Government for giving a work placement to a young person. 

Our Traineeship programme comprises

In depth initial and ongoing Information Advice and Guidance 

An optional vocational qualification

Maths, English and ICT (where these are needed)


Work preparation


Work placement of not less than 70 hours


A guaranteed job interview


Currently nearly 70% of our trainees access and sustain work following our traineeship programme and if you prove yourself on placement with the employer you have every chance of achieving a realistic job and starting a long term career.


Traineeships in other sectors are available – so call David Brook on 020 8748 9898 to check out our latest opportunities.