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SWAPs in Hospitality

Sector-based Work Academy Programmes (SWAPs) provide an opportunity to learn new skills and gain experience of working in a particular industry.

These programmes are designed to help jobseekers who are claiming either Universal Credit (UC), Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) or Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), to build confidence, improve job prospects and enhance CVs.

SWAPs generally last for up to six weeks, and consist of three parts:

  • pre-employment training – a short module of vocational training including confidence building and interview techniques and practice

  • work experience with an employer in the industry, where you can learn new skills on the job,

  • at the end of the programme, a guaranteed job interview with an employer in the hospitality sector provided the pre-employment training is completed.

Participants will continue to receive benefits whilst taking part in a SWAP, and if you need to travel to the employer’s place of work or to where the training is held, you may be able to receive help covering the cost of public transport or appropriate childcare.

The programme is designed to help improve job prospects and help employers fill jobs, as each SWAP is linked to one or more genuine job vacancy. While you’re not guaranteed to get a job from completing a SWAP, it helps you to improve your chances of gaining employment in the Hospitality sector

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