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Our Values, Our Mission: The Burleigh College Way

Online Education

Many people turn to online learning for its flexibility. Learning virtually from anywhere allows you to study without having to commute to a physical campus. 


  • Recognise and celebrate the diversity of our staff, stakeholders and learners and all those with whom we come in to contact

  • Contribute to the creation and maintenance of an inclusive, cohesive and fair society through delivery of training and employment programmes

  • Have a positive impact on our local community through our work


Our regulated programmes are accredited by awarding bodies.

City & Guilds  


Prevent & Safeguarding

Of particular importance is our focus on the safeguarding of all our learners and staff and our commitment to the Government’s Prevent agenda. We believe that every learner has the right to freedom from abuse and other forms of harmful behaviour and are committed to maintaining a safe learning environment for all learners to ensure that they are protected from abuse, radicalisation and harmful behaviour whilst in our centres and insofar as practicable whilst they are on programme with us.


We work very closely with employers to ensure that what we do fits with each individual employer’s workplace needs and will put forward to employers only those learners we have thoroughly assessed and prepared to ensure that there is a good fit between our candidate and your workplace needs.

Community Opportunities

​Being part of an engaging community can give you a sense of belonging. It enables you to share personal relatedness and support perpetual growth of each other, ourselves and our environment.

Participating in a community bonded by attitudes, values, and goals is an essential ingredient to enjoying a fulfilling life.

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